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If you ask a Catalan person what is the typical Catalan food or dish, the first thing that will come to his or her mind will be, undoubtedly, the famous “pan tumaca !

Most sources say that it first appeared in the nineteenth century in the Catalan farmhouses, where they used to spread tomato and olive oil on the bread so it was softer to chew. Other sources claim that the pan tumaca was, actually, brought by Murcian workers who came to work in the Barcelona’s metro construction back in the twenties.

Whatever its origin is, this original recipe materializes the encounter between the European wheat culture, the American tomato and the Mediterranean olive oil…

Just like our food truck project!

Because we believe street food is a way to bring people together around new flavors – and cultures – from all around the world, we do every day our best to share the simplicity and the friendliness of the Spanish cuisine and way of life – and make you happy with our tasty sandwiches!